City of Racine Housing Repair Program

City of Racine Department of City Development

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How does the City build a house?

New homes constructed by the City of Racine Housing Department use the latest technology to ensure efficiency and durability. Construction of these homes takes about six months from start to finish.  Homes are built to match the styles and site layout of area homes to ensure neighborhood continuity.

Week 1- Foundation Dug

Week 2- FOUNDATION Poured

Homes are built with concrete foundations poured-in-place with interior brick pattern to match the ‘classic’ look of basements in Racine-area homes. To maximize efficiency, home foundations are wrapped in foam insulation.

Week 3- Foundation set

Week 4- Week 10 Walls and Floors

  • Iron I-Beams are installed in most City of Racine Housing Department new construction projects ensuring strength and durability.
  • Homes are built using made-to-order floor and roof trusses versus large dimensional lumber beams. Trusses create quiet floors that do not squeak, clear larger spans reducing the need for additional bracing below, and use small pieces of wood thereby conserving energy and old growth forests.

Week 11-13 Roof

Week 14-18 – Siding.

Homes are wrapped in moisture-proof Tyvek and covered with SmartSide wood composite siding which carries a 30 year color warranty.

SmartSide wood composite siding

Week 18-24- Interior


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