City of Racine Housing Repair Program

City of Racine Department of City Development

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Limited-Time Matching Grants and 0% Interest!

Up to $10,000 Grant Matched to Loans

January 2018

Housing values are going up in Racine. Winter will be over soon. It’s the perfect time to take care of house repairs! The City of Racine wants to help homeowners finance repairs this spring. The City is offering 0% interest on loans and up to $10,000 of match grant for all Housing Repair Loans approved through June, 2018.

How does a match grant work? If a homeowner needs $16,000 in repair work, the homeowner will sign for a $8,000 loan, payable over up to 20 years with 0% interest. The City of Racine will grant the remaining $8,000 if the homeowner remains in the house for at least 5 years.

Like all City of Racine housing programs, homes must be in the City of Racine and current on all taxes and mortgage payments. To start the application process, call us or fill out our Get Started form.

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